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Tianwen Digital Media Intelligent Education Overall Solution and Core Products
Focusing on users, promoting the integration of intelligent technology and education, and focusing on the core business of resource construction, teaching and research, comprehensive management, family-school communication, education evaluation and decision-making in th tion stage, Tianwen Digital Media provides solutions for the overall scope and all scenarios of education and supporting core products, to improve the education environment, to promote the transformation of teaching methods, and to achieve teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and education equality.
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AiClass Cloud Classroom+
ECR Education Resource Cloud Platform
AiCloud Education Cloud
AiSchool Intelligent School
ECO Cloud Open Platform
Product Application Big Data
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    Serving 25 Provinces Nationwide

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    Serving 135 Cities Nationwide

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    Serving 496 Districts and Counties Nationwide

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    Serving 1800 Million Users Nationwide

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    Entered 15 Overseas Countries

Model Cases
Europe·Digital Education Project in Bulgaria
China's First Basic Digital Education Project that has implemented in the European Union
At the end of 2017, we cooperated with Huawei representative office in Bulgaria and started to prepare the establishment of the experiment bureau in Bulgaria. In March 2018, the establishment of the ex…
  • Africa·China-aided Technical Cooperation Project of Education in South Sudan
    China s First Comprehensive Education Aid Project
  • Southeast Asia·Education Digitization Training Class for Lao
    The First Digital Education Training Seminar in China
  • Southeast·China-aided Technical Cooperation Project of Education in Cambodia
    China s First National Education Platform Export Project
  • Southeast Europe·China-aided North Macedonia Education Network Project
    The Largest Education Modernization Project in North Macedonia till Now
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